Day: May 2, 2022


‘When in doubt, always go for a salwar suit,’ is what almost all fashion and lifestyle bloggers have to say about having an emergency outfit in your wardrobe for all those last minute parties, hang out plans or having surprise guests over with only a moments’ notice before they pop over to your place.Salwar suits are the best outfit to…

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Indian Sarees: Contemporary & Traditional Versions

India is a country with a rich cultural heritage and varied history, with every part of the country having its own unique traditions and customs in food, festivals, and fashion. However, one garment which is found anywhere you go is the saree dress. This is a long piece of fabric that is wrapped around the woman’s body, over a blouse…

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The New Trend of Indian Fashion: Kurtis for Women

Kurtis that is also known as kurta is very commonly worn by women across India. These one-piece clothes can go well with skirts, palazzo and jeans. Nowadays, Kurtis are one of the most common attire trends in India. There are various Kurtis that have gorgeous embroidery work. It can give you a smart look whether you are in a wedding…

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